A Toothless Disaster

It was the summer of 2013, the end of August, right before school was starting. I was at my best friend Micaela’s house and we were outside playing tennis on her steaming hot driveway. I swung my racket towards the green fluorescent ball that was coming towards me to hit smack it back to Micaela but, I missed it by just an inch due to the sun shining glaring into my eyes.
“That was not fair, the sun was in my eyes. “You cheated,” I pouted.
I always liked to win the little games that I played with my friends. Every little chance I could find I would always try to make something into a competition. As we continued to play tennis, we heard the rumble of the garage door opening and we looked glanced towards it to see who was coming outside. Her sister Morgan ran sprinted out the door and out of the garage gasping for air. I wondered to myself why Morgan was so out of breath by only just running out the door, I began to laugh to myself because of it.
“Do… you guys… want to play… in the sprinklers… Dad said we could?” she said.
Without even looking at each other to agree on an answer, we both screamed, “YES!” We then threw chucked our purple rackets on to the ground and ran dashed inside quicker than the speed of light. We both took stripped off our clothes and changed into our bathing suits, just so that we could spend as much time in the sprinklers as possible before I had to go back home. We ran jumped down the stairs and ran outside, now in our bathing suits to finally go play in the sprinklers.
“How much do you want to bet that I can do more cartwheels in a row then you can?” I challenged her.
“No, you can’t Destiny. I am the best at cartwheels,” she said.
We then challenged each other and started to make ourselves dizzy by doing multiple cartwheels. It was very hard since my bare feet were sliding on the glistening, green grass. I ran over to the playset and decided it would be fun to go up and down it like it was a slip and slide. Little did I know that this could be the worst decision I could ever make and it would lead to many dentist and endodontist visits for the next couple of years. I slowly climbed crawled up the green steep slide, holding the edges and grabbing on tight to make sure that I don’t slip and fall down it. My hand slipped loose and I began to slip fall but I grabbed back on just in time. I continued to climb up, still not caring about what might happen. Before I could grab back on, my hand loosened from the slide and down the slide I went. Micaela was at the bottom of the slide trying to pick up the frisbee that she threw towards the slide, I tried to yell at her to move but she didn’t in time. I slid down the slide and hit her shin causing her to fall collapse right on top of me. My head hit slammed down onto the slide causing me a lot of pain but I didn’t think too much of it. Micaela and I started to laugh as we were heedless of what had happened. Abruptly, she looked at me and her smile quickly then turned into a frown.
“What?” I asked.
She didn’t say anything for about 30 seconds until she finally said, “Your… teeth.”
I brought my hand up to tap touch my teeth and only half was there. I tried to hold fight back the tears but they soon took over and filled my eyes, tears falling down my cheeks at a rate of 100 miles per hour. I dashed inside to go look in the mirror, it can’t be that bad, I thought to myself. As soon as I got inside I sprinted ran to the bathroom and just looked glared at my reflection. My heart dropped as I saw that my top 2 front teeth were cut in half and there was blood all over my chin. Micaela went to go get her parents to tell them what happened as I just looked stared in the mirror in shock. Her parents quickly ran inside, Micaela coming following right behind them.
“What happened Desta?” they said sounding worried.
I tried to speak but I couldn’t because I was now crying so hard I couldn’t slip a word out. Micaela then explained, “She was climbing up the slide and then she slipped and fell down and I fell on her and knocked her head into the slide.”
“I’ll go grab some milk so that once we find your teeth we can put them in it so that they will stay white. Micaela come help me find her teeth outside,” her dad said.
Micaela’s mom went to grab her phone so that she could call my mom and tell her what happened.
Micaela’s mom came back in and said, “Desta, your mom is leaving right now to come pick you up.”
Later that day my mom came to pick me up from Micaela’s house. When I was sitting in the car, that is when I realized how important it is to think about your decisions twice before you take part in them.
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