What Are Some of the Rules Involved in Ending a Romantic Relationship?

Following the specific rules usually helps to survive a broken relationship. It was talked a lot about experiences after the breakup. Let's look at this picture from a different perspective. Breakups always hurt. The world would be a little happier if people behaved like adults and could split more peacefully. There are some rules you should follow while breaking up.

Always Say About Your Decision Face to Face

A phone call, text message, or change of marital status on social networks is not the best way to notify your "soon-to-be-ex" of a breakup. It's too childish. That behavior can be justified in two cases: 1) you are 12 years old; 2) you are sure that your sweetheart who lives far away is cheating on you. The best option is to choose a place that is private enough to talk, but also public enough to avoid possible dramatic scenes, and talk calmly.

No Drama

You'd be surprised to learn how many people think screaming like "We're breaking up!" and slamming doors is the perfect and only way to end a relationship! Unfortunately, many relationships end this way. But it's total madness, and this behavior eliminates all chances to stay friends. Instead of becoming famous as the queen of psychodrama, try to find a peaceful way. If you split without dramatic scenes, you can tell your ex-boyfriend when you meet him, "Hello!" and sleep peacefully, knowing that you've done everything you can not hurt him.

Explain Your Decision

If you respect your "soon-to-be ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, try to avoid cliches like "it's not about you, it's about me," "you're a great guy/girl, but...". Some helpful tips on how to explain everything without meaningless phrases you can find on the dating website well hello. Be honest, avoid being rude. The person you've spent so much time deserves the right attitude to him/her.

Avoid Misleading

The period of splitting is tough, but it is not worth trying to soften it by giving a man false hopes. Phrases like "maybe everything will change" do not help any of you, but only mislead your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, giving him/her hope that you will change your mind. Is that what you're trying to do? That's not fair! If you're sure you don't want a relationship with your partner, and you may already have someone else in mind, explain to your "soon-to-be-ex" that there is no going back, you'll never be together, and you don't have to sit by the phone and wait for your call. This advice is very important!

Stay Firm Till the End

Breaking up with a partner should not be a spontaneous decision. Try to weigh the pros and cons clearly, and when you talk to your partner, don't be led astray by his/her words about how good you were together. Show the strength of character, and do not let tears cloud your mind.
Remember these golden rules for breaking relationships, share them with others. We hope people will learn to understand - breaking up doesn't mean you have to drag someone you've just kissed and hugged through the mud!